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What is Shared Equity Scheme?

Shared equity home buying refers to a method where two or more parties share ownership of a property. This equity partner can be either the lender or a third-party investor, like the government.

Shared equity scheme serves to bridge the financial gap between what you can afford and the total cost of a property, boost your borrowing capacity and make your path to homeownership easier.

Shared equity is enabling many renters to achieve homeownership often within or lower than their current rental expenses. Different states of Australia offer different benefits and have different eligibility criteria. 

Government sponsored Shared Equity Scheme – NSW

Home ownership is a big challenge faced by many people living in New South Wales. Saving for a large deposit can be daunting and can be more stressful for any First Home Buyer.

To ease that burden, NSW Government launched the Shared Equity Scheme on 23 January 2023. This scheme is called Shared Equity Home Buyer Help. Under this scheme, the government will contribute a proportion of the purchase price in exchange for an equivalent interest in the property. The contribution percentage and the maximum amount of the property price are as follows:


Maximum Property Price

The maximum property prices depend on where you buy in NSW:

  • $950,000: Sydney and major regional centres (Newcastle & Lake Macquarie, Illawarra, Central Coast and North Coast of NSW)
  • $600,000: Other regional areas of NSW.

Contribution from NSW Government

up to 40%

for New Home

up to 30%

for Existing Home

Benefits of NSW Shared Equity Scheme

  • Facilitates Homeownership with a low deposit requirement.
  • Eliminates the need for paying Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI), which is typically necessary when borrowing over 80%.
  • The shared equity portion of the property incurs no repayments, rent, or interest charges.
  • Provides the option to pay off the NSW Government and incrementally increase your ownership share.

ZeroDeposit Shared Equity

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