Brand New Luxury Apartment
in Liverpool
under $600 per month. 

Home to the Western Sydney International Airport and the Western Sydney Investment Attraction Office. A world class health, education and research precinct. A strategic commercial centre in the Greater Sydney Commission’s Western City District Plan and NSW Government’s “Plan for Growing Sydney”..

Yes, that’s right under $600 per month. 

Did you know the current rentals in our project in Liverpool is over $495 per week for a 1 bedroom unit? This means for just an additional ~$140 per week you could live in your own home.

No Deposit. No Problem.

We can provide up-to 20% of the required deposit to eligible applicants. This means:
1. No LMI (save 1000’s)
2. No need to wait for 5 years to save 5% deposit.
3. No need to miss out on the pride of ownership.
No need to borrow money from family towards your deposit.

Who is eligible?

  • First Home Buyers
  • Owner Occupiers
  • Investors
All offers are subject to buyers meeting program lending criteria.

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