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0Deposit offers an innovative property-deposit and loan-deposit solution for buyers wanting to enter the market today.

0Deposit replaces the need for the typical cash deposit required by the property seller with a Deferred Deposit Agreement (DDA), which may be used for all or part-of the deposit and includes a no-interest payment plan. 0Deposit also offers a list of approved properties.

The intention of this Fast-Track Form is to tells us more on how committed you are to owning your own home. As part of our governance process, this form may be shared with the property sellers to help us provide you with the property-deposit solution. And, whether The Fast-Track; ie your readiness to buy now is applicable to you. If so, we will be able to extend relevant timely service.

Highly recommended where partners are buying a property that this form be completed together.

We can help you get into your First Home or First Investment Property.